Choosing A Trainer

Locating the right certified personal trainer in San Diego is crucial and with so many in the field today, it’s sometimes hard to know what a qualified personal trainer means. A successful referral is good however, there’s a few basic questions you should always ask when determining which personal trainer is right for you:

Signs of a Good Personal Trainer

  • -Does your personal trainers body inspire you?
  • -Is your personal trainer Insured or CPR certified?
  • -Is your personal trainer more interested in their phone?
  • -Does your personal trainer get involved or just stand there?
  • -Is your personal trainer genuinely interested in you as a person?
  • -Does your personal trainer reassess your progress or log your weights?
  • -Does your personal trainer provide you with instruction or explanations?
  • -Does your personal trainer adjust your routine if you are not seeing results?
  • -Are they spotting you or correcting your form? (huge red flag & dangerous!)
  • -Does your personal trainer arrive on time for your appointments or even show up?
  • -Is your personal trainer up to date on the latest fitness, exercise and industry trends?
  • -Does your personal trainer seem to truly care about your progress or encourage you?
  • -Is you personal trainer certified with a respected organization? (NSCA – NASM – ACSM).

Some Closing Thoughts

Always remember that communication between the trainer and client is imperative for safety and attaining your goals. Many people hit plateau’s in their routines. Does your personal trainer evaluate your program and adjust the exercises, sets, reps or weight? Does your personal trainer use different modalities, like stability balls, dumbbells, barbells, machines, rubber bands or other functional personal training equipment? Do they adjust how you do your reps like a slower cadence, plyometrics, a heavy training day or a light personal training day? These are just some of the ways to maximize your results when your workouts just seem to be going nowhere. Keep in mind he/she is there for you and not themselves. They should keep you motivated as well as educated. You will never be sorry you decided to shape up and get healthy.

Thanks for stopping by and contact me today to begin your body transformation.