What To Expect

As personal trainers, we need to understand both the male and female perspective on personal fitness goals as well as health and wellness. My program works for all people looking to get in better shape or compete in any sporting event at any level. All my workout are customized to each persons specific goals, body type, skill level and fitness level.

As people we all have a history and that history will dictate your level of fitness when you begin my program. Please understand that everyone, including guys like Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Muhammed Ali, were all beginners at one point in their life. What made them different was their ability to have a vision or goal that was realistic. From there, most importantly, they had a PLAN. If you don’t have a plan, failure is almost guaranteed. The problem with most personal trainers and other fitness professionals is that there is no plan. Everything is done by the “seat of their pants” and has no foundation or measurement of improvement or success.

My program has checks and balances to evaluate success or lack of progress. No one should ever fail, we all just need to re-evaluate so we can determine why our progress has stalled.

The program starts with an interview where I learn as much as I can about you and your lifestyle. Your likes, dislikes and what your health history is like. Everyone is required to complete a Physical-Activity-Readiness-Questionaire or PAR-Q. After that, I will do an analysis of your body fat composition, which consists of a Bio-impedence Measurement, in which a small electrical current is passed through the body. The speed of the current determines ones body fat percentage.

I also use a seven point caliper measurement or “skin fold” assessment, which measures subcutaneous body fat. In addition, I take my clients circumference measurements. All three allow me to get an overall body fat measurement. I then take the average of all three scores and get an accurate prediction of your body fat level. All these forms of assessment help me keep the client on track as well as provide feedback for all your hard work. I will also obtain your BMI or Body-Mass-index. This is a measurement is used on the general population mostly by insurance companies, to determine if an individual is over weight, obese or very obese.

The next step is a full structural analysis of your skeletal and muscular system. Many times our lifestyle sets us up for muscular imbalances or dysfunctions. An important part of my program is to begin with corrective exercises if the client has any structural or muscular dysfunctions due to their work or hobby. Many times it’s something in your life that is a repetitive or static movement done for a long period of time. Many people don’t realize it, but sleeping posture is an important part of maintaining a good “Muscular Chain”. If I identify any muscular imbalances or flexibility problems, those corrections will be incorporated into your program to prevent future problems that could cause you pain, discomfort or even miss work. Many times the culprit of dysfunctional muscles are weak stabilizer’s. A muscle can be strong but still be an inherently weak stabilizer. Stabilizers require endurance to maintain posture. A good example of this relationship is the gluteus muscles and their affect on the paraspinal muscles of the lower back. If you have weak stabilizing glutes the paraspinals will tighten up and become overworked causing pain.

During the program design a clients goals become the main focus. Time lines are established along with checks and balances to make sure we are on track.

People often times ask what my client workouts consist of. That is a very general question that has so many elements to it. So it’s hard to have a “general” reply to give a prospective client an idea of how I would train them. Many times I will have the client send me a picture of the ideal body they want to achieve. I need to be sure their goal is a realistic one for their body type. We all fit into three basic body types:
1- Ectomorph- Thinner usually has trouble putting on weight.
2- Mesomorph- Athletic build. Easily add muscle.
3- Endomorph- Usually are thicker boned and have trouble losing body fat but gain muscle and strength easier.

If you look in my services section, there are many different forms of exercise and ways to reach your goals. A lot of times people come in wanting to utilize a specific mode of training like TRX or cross fit. One thing I would like my clients to understand. Cross fit is not a workout per say, it is a sport and those guys and girls competing in the cross fit games are athletes performing complex movements in an extremely fatigued state. If you do not have proper personal one-on-one training to learn the movements correctly, injury is almost guaranteed.

I mention this because I do incorporate cross fit movements into clients programs if they demonstrate or work up to the required fitness level, strength and skill set. If a person attempts a program like cross fit as a beginner, without supervision, a trip to the E.R. or your local orthopedic surgeon is almost guaranteed.

The area I usually train my in-home clients is in North County San Diego area, such as Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Rancho Sante Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff and La Jolla. I will travel within ten miles of those areas.

These are some the important aspects of my program:

  • Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Safe and enjoyable instruction.
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.
  • Personal training in Kickboxing and self-defense.
  • Over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry.
  • Instruction in Plyometrics as well as sport specific athletic activities.
  • Personal training that is adjusted to your needs and your body type.
  • Personal training services in your home, office or gym. I will come to you.
  • I work to keep you interested with different types of exercises and environments.
  • Incorporating the exercise training programs into your lifestyle and / or limitations.
  • The latest technological exercises, training and fitness advances for MEN and WOMEN.
  • Consistent monitoring and keeping track of your personal progress throughout the training program.
  • I travel to North county and the surrounding area for group and corporate personal training instruction.
  • Equipment purchase consulting as well as corporate seminars on health, wellness and personal fitness.
  • I am a personal trainer who is a certified Nutrition Manager with the National Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists.