What To Expect

Many people don’t realize that when starting a weight loss program or any workout program for that matter, proper nutrition is just as important as working out. If your goal is to lose weight and eliminate body fat, it is actually more important. We all must learn that it’s a life style change and it’s not temporary. In order to be successful we MUST maintain a balance in life.

Often people begin a weight loss program with high expectations and fall flat shortly after starting. Many times the culprit is that we set lofty goals that are not manageable in most people’s lives. The changes must be small and subtle and the weight must come off slow. Otherwise it is unrealistic to maintain. Most people starting a weight loss or exercise program have neglected their health for years. So it’s not surprising that what took years to develop, won’t take weeks to come off either. We must have patience and look at it differently.

We shouldn’t make vanity our priority. We all want to live a long life without pain and free of doctor visits and sick days. So that is how you must approach your meals. Like you want to live 100 year’s. During my 35 years in the business, I noticed the most successful people on a weight loss program were the ones who decided they wanted to be HEALTHY and FIT and not worry about how they look. So remember- “Lose the vanity and you will keep your sanity”.

What you will get when working with me is an approved meal plan from a registered dietician. Realize personal trainers are not suppose to write up meal plans, it’s against state law. However, I work along side a registered dietician who oversee’s all my clients meals. Once I write up the diet, my dietician will give their approval or advise if any corrections need to be made.

To begin, first you need to fill out some paper work, which will help me determine the best meal plan for your needs.

Before filling this form out take the following measurements ( in inches please ) because you will need to enter them in the form:
a) Your neck across the largest point.
b) Your waist across your belly button or navel (don’t suck your stomach in)
c) Your hips at the largest point.

2) FOODS AVAILABLE: (I will email this form to you)
Foods you like and dislike as well as meal timing and habits and wether or not certain foods are available to you. Be sure not to skip the times you can eat at the top of the form:

You will need to go to the following web site and log your calories for three days. This will let me see how you are currently eating and what needs to be corrected and what doesn’t. The web site is called www.MyFitnessPal.com

It’s a free App. and when you sign up, be sure to create a username that includes your last name. I have a lot of clients and I won’t know who is who if everyone uses a different username than their own name. By logging your calories it allows me to monitor your eating patterns and foods.

So in order for me to see what you’re eating, you will also need to be sure to send me a friend request at: Johnturk@sbcglobal.net. If they ask you for my username it is: Turk182.

Also, you will need to allow me access to your food diary. So go into your Settings Tab once you sign up and scroll down to “Diary settings” and check the box that says “Allow friends”. This all sounds complicated but it’s very easy actually. I would be happy to set it up for you if you like, so let me know.

Once all the paperwork is completed and your calories have been logged (for three days) on my fitness pal, I will write up a meal plan specifically for you. It is a template to let you know the best times to eat according to your schedule. It will consist of the foods you like and the total amounts of important nutrients for a healthy diet and customized to your daily schedule.

In addition, I will also assess any risks you may have for disease, which includes, diabetes, heart disease as well as other digestive and metabolic disorders. Your BMI, body fat and possible deficiencies of important nutrients will also be assessed. Once I write up the plan we will schedule a 1 hour skype session or meet in person if you are in the San Diego area. We will then go over your meal plan and answer any questions or concerns you have.

The plan including the Skype session or in person consult is $500.00, if you are not buying a personal training package. That allows you to ask questions (via email) for 3 weeks. I usually cut it off at three weeks because if you are following the plan, there may be adjustments that need to be made and sometimes it takes time to find the proper balance for your specific needs. See my RATES section if you are interested in packages that include meal plans.

After the initial meal plan, if you want to obtain another meal plan, each additional template is $100. If you go inactive for 6 months and I don’t hear from you, we will need to talk briefly to discuss what updates to your health information need to be addressed or disclosed. If you just want to follow up with me and ask questions via Skype, or in person, that is $100.00 for 1 hour.

What the meal plan includes:
• Create Client Profiles with foods and before and after pictures
• Work alongside with a registered dietitian
• Caloric and Energy nutrient analysis
• Flag nutrient deficiencies
• Micronutrient analysis
• Custom Menu plans